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WELCOME! Representing the tri-region in the heart of Alberta; Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County, the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in the region.

Welcome to Life & Leisure   
Saturday, May 2019

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Show schedule  (11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm)

Professional Freestyle Motocross Riders

Make no mistake about it. Freestyle Motocross riding is a tough gig. Apart from the obvious danger in riding a 250lb motorcycle off large ramps and floating up to 80 feet in the air while hanging perilously off the bike, the stunts and tricks take a long time to master and require an enormous level of skill.

Freestyle Motocross is an extreme action sport that has grown to become a universal phenomenon! Freestyle Motocross is a perfect blend of athletic ability and extreme stunt competitions that will have fans sitting on the edge of their seat.

Professional freestylers revel in opportunities to showcase their talent as well as being able to indulge in their greatest passion - riding motorcycles. They continually strive to push the limits of their machine and physical ability, aiming to go bigger and higher with each event while coming up with spectacular new tricks never before attempted.

You can expect to witness a spectacular performance at this year’s Life & Leisure show, as our riders throw out some of the most death-defying tricks ever seen before.

Meet Our Riders
Chad Bauman will be performing back flips this year. He is 27 years old and rides a Kawasaki 450. Kevin Stainthorp, 32 years old, and 
Daylan Tomshak, 29 years old both ride Yamaha 250's.