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WELCOME! Representing the tri-region in the heart of Alberta; Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County, the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in the region.

We are here for you!

On the Provincial Level
The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce is a proud member of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce (ACC). With regard to the policy making process, it is also one of the most active chambers in the province. The current ACC Policy Book 2016 endorses policies that have been approved by the majority of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce in the Annual General Meetings during the last three years.

The ACC Policy Book is divided into fourteen categories that stand for the main areas of interest of the Alberta Chambers of Commerce:

  • Aboriginal Relations
  • Advanced Education
  • Agriculture & Forestry
  • Culture and Tourism
  • Economic Develop & Trade
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Environment & Parks
  • Finance & Treasury Brd.
  • Health
  • Infrastructure
  • Justice
  • Labour
  • Municipal Affairs
  • Transportation
Every year an updated ACC Policy Book is forwarded to the representatives of the Government of Alberta in order to raise questions and invoke debate over a wide range of public policy issues. For what concerns advocacy activity on the provincial level, the Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce has been particularly engaged in working on the following issues:

  • Immigration, Labour Market and International Students
  • Small Business Taxes
  • Alberta Addiction Services
  • Transportation/Utility Corridors
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Affordable Housing & Public Transit
The Chamber strives for development of policies that would appropriately address the concerns of its members. You are welcome to consult the current ACC policies by clicking HERE. Going forward in 2017 we will be reviewing some policy work we have developed that is coming to it's 3 year term to determine if the policy is still relevant to advocate provincially. At this point a chamber will either ask that the policy retain continued support, the policy may be amended to reflect legislative change and be reintroduced as amended or be removed from the policy book if no longer relevant.
On the Federal Level
The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce advocacy activity is not limited only to the provincial level, but it is also widely recognized by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce on the national level. In 2016 the Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce sponsored two fiscal policies;(1) Deferral of Capital Gains Tax and (2)Tax Provision Theshold Indexing. We further co-sponsored Red Deer's policy: (1) Innovation in Canada; Preserve and Strengthen the Scientific Research and Experimental Development Investment Tax Credit Program (2) Reverse Negative Changes to the Temporary Foreign Worker Program. All of these are a part of a broader strategy that the Canadian Chamber of Commerce outlined in 2013 with a view to increase the country’s competitiveness on the international stage. The document was titled Top 10 Barriers to Competiveness 2013 and indicates the following ten areas which require more attention from the government and private sector in order to find Canada to be a more attractive partner in the global economy:

• Skills Shortages
• Barriers To World Markets  for Canadian Energy Products
• Inadequate Workforce Productivity
• Inadequate Public
Infrastructure Planning
  • Tax Complexity and Structure
• Poor Innovation Performance
• Deficient Strategies for Trade Success in New Markets
• Internal Barriers to Trade
• Uncompetitive Travel and Tourism Strategies
• Lack Of Access To Capital

Some important current issues

The Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce introduced a policy paper to the Alberta Chambers of Commerce in 2013 “Raising the Smaller Community Attraction for Potential Workers by Improving Local Infrastructure” and updated the policy in 2016 “Ensuring Infrastructure Support for Rural Communities”….The Alberta Chambers of Commerce adopted the policy and continue to advocate on our policy recommendations. The provincial budget does not reflect the rural infrastructure needs to an acceptable level when it comes to affordable housing.

March 15, 2017 - $5.7 million in provincial funding has been announced for the planning of 14 affordable housing projects focused primarily in urban centres in the province. Less than 5% of these funds are for planning projects in rural Alberta communities. 

View the Alberta Government announcement and list of funded projects

View the ACC's policy "Ensuring Infrastructure Support for Rural Communities"
Carbon Levy: An Urgency to Competitive Balance
This policy was submitted the following ministries of the provincial government pre-Budget on January 31, 2017:

Minister of Economic Development
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Environment

Reducing the Small Business Tax
The above policy will be removed from the Policy Book this year as the provincial government has met all the recommendations in the policy. Spruce Grove will be reintroducing this policy in 2017 as we continue to advocate for a lesser tax base for small business.

Impacts of Significant Minimum Wage Increase
We continue to support the above policy and the ACC will be distributing a second wage survey in light of the increase of minimum wage in October of 2016. This government is determined to get the minimum wage raised to $15.00 per hour by 2018 and we continue to monitor these wage increases on the business environment.
2017 Proposed Policy Resolutions

Co-sponsored Fredericton & Spruce Grove Chambers of Commerce
Attracting and Retaining International Students Through Canadian Work Experience

Canadian Chamber of Commerce Policy Resolution Submission Video

2017 Proposed Policy Resolutions Book

2016 Policies

Improving Alberta's Drug and Alcohol Public Policy

Ensuring Infrastructure for rural Communities in Alberta

Accelerating Foreign Direct Investment - for Edmonton

The Future of Public Private Partnerships (P 3's) in Alberta - for Edmonton

Outdate Transportation Road Weight Restrictions an Adversely Impact Industry - Striking a Balance - for Red Deer

2014 Policies

ACC TFW News Release.pdf

Wood Recycling Turning Waste Problem into a Resource Solution.pdf

Introduction of a Regional Labour Market Demand Steam into the Alberta Immigration Nominee Program.pdf

Immediately reinstate the TFWP.pdf

Fully Utilizing the Skills and Talents of Immigrants in Alberta.pdf