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WELCOME! Representing the tri-region in the heart of Alberta; Spruce Grove, Stony Plain and Parkland County, the Spruce Grove Chamber of Commerce is the voice of business in the region.

The Chambers Community Directory is a joint publication of the Spruce Grove, Stony Plain & District Chambers of Commerce.  The directory is distributed door to door in the City of Spruce Grove and in the Town of Stony Plain in January of each year.  Distribution in the rural areas are through Canada Post. 


Interested in advertising in the 2019 Chambers Community Directory; call

our office 780.962.2561 to discuss your options or complete the form below.

EARLY BIRD DEADLINE:  October 31, 2018
FINAL DEADLINE:  November 30, 2018


2019 Chambers Community Directory Contract

Spruce Grove & District Chamber of Commerce
Box 4210, Spruce Grove, AB  T7X 3B4
Contract Must Be Signed & Fully Completed

TO APPEAR IN THE DIRECTORY (check all that apply)

  Members Advertisers All Others
 Name, phone #, address in Business Listing Directory  FREE  FREE  $100
 Name, phone #, address in Restaurant Business Listing Directory  FREE  FREE  $50


EARLY BIRD RATES Order Placed & Paid by October 31, 2018 Artwork Must be Included to Qualify for Early Bird Rates.

 Ad Size Member  Non-Member   Member  Non-Member Member  Non-Member 
   Black & White Black & White  + 1 Colour  + 1 Colour   Full Colour Full Colour 
 Full Page 172 x 213 mm  1095.00 1295.00   1195.00  1445.00 1295.00  1620.00
 1/2 Page 172 x 103 mm   695.00 855.00   795.00  1005.00  895.00 1180.00
 1/4 Page 85 x 103 mm  475.00 625.00   575.00  775.00  675.00 950.00 
 Bus. Card 85 x 48 mm  315.00 475.00  415.00  625.00  515.00 800.00 
 Restaurant Menu Full Page  172 x 213 mm  1095.00 1295.00  1195.00  1445.00  1295.00 1620.00
 Restaurant Menu Half Page   695.00 855.00  795.00 1005.00   895.00 1180.00 
 172 x 103 mm

REGULAR RATES  Order Placed & Paid by November 30, 2018 Artwork Must be Included with Order.

 Full Page 172 x 213 mm  1195.00 1395.00   1320.00  1570.00 1495.00  1820.00
 1/2 Page 172 x 103 mm   795.00 955.00   920.00  1130.00  1095.00 1380.00
 1/4 Page 85 x 103 mm  575.00 725.00   700.00  900.00  875.00 1150.00 
 Bus. Card 85 x 48 mm  415.00 575.00  540.00  750.00  715.00 1000.00 
 Restaurant Menu Full Page  172 x 213 mm  1195.00 1395.00  1320.00  1570.00  1495.00 1820.00
 Restaurant Menu Half Page   795.00 955.00  920.00 1130.00   1095.00 1380.00 
 172 x 103 mm
       DISCOUNT (10% on 2 or more identical ads)

 Office Use Only Initial EMP Verified


 Less $50 discount on Marketing Bundle

 (only applicable with Enhanced Marketing Package purchased separately

- Call your chamber for more information)           

 Front Inside Cover - Draw Nov 1  AN EARLY BIRD DRAW PRIZE ONLY     Value of  2500.00
 Back Cover - Draw Nov 1        4000.00  


For further inquires contact: Spruce Grove Chamber at 780.962.2561 or Email: info@sprucegrovechamber.com
Stony Plain & District Chamber of Commerce at 780.963.4545 or Email: info@stonyplainchamber.ca


1) Payment of advertising fee is to be paid to the publisher by the advertiser in the following manner: the total amount of this contract is due upon signing with payment in the form of cash, cheque, Visa, Mastercard or money order by October 31, 2018 for Early Bird pricing and by November 30, 2018 for final deadline. $45 charge on all NSF cheques. Amounts payable to the "Chambers Community Directory".

2) If advertising space is cancelled by the advertiser prior to November 31, 2018, the advertiser agrees to pay the publisher 20% of the total ad cost. Cancellations after this date will not qualify for a refund.

3) The publisher shall not be responsible for any errors and/or omissions as it is the responsibility of the advertiser to proofread any and all proofs and to SIGN AND RETURN said proofs to the publisher for publication. Any copy not proofread by the specified deadline will be published AS IS. Customers placing ads in the last 48 hours will have limited proofing time.


5) All camera ready ads must be provided in the appropriate format (pdf, ai or eps). Jpg and tiff files are accepted, but not preferred. Powerpoint, Word and Publisher files will NOT be accepted. 

6) Two Proofs and Revisions of Initial Ad will be supplied at No Charge. Subsequent proofs will be subject to a $40 fee. 

7) New Ads will be redirected to an external graphic artist for camera ready preparedness for an extra fee.

8) The publisher cannot guarantee the print quality of PMTs provided. It is the advertiser's responsibility to consider paper quality and dpi's in the processing.

9) Publishers are not responsible for quality control and/or technical problems in printing. 

10) COLORS NOT GUARANTEED to be exactly as seen on proof. 

11) Order of Ad placement is not guaranteed due to space restrictions.

12) If contract information is not completely filled in & signed by the customer, the Chamber of Commerce office reserves the right to enter missed information from our data base to the best of our information and will not be responsible for errors, or omissions. All contracts REQUIRE a signature. 

13) The information you provide to us will only be used for the purposes of advertising in the Chambers Community Directory and not for any other purpose. Respective Chamber(s) privacy policy at sprucegrovechamber.com or stonyplainchamber.ca